BID Objectives

Rhyl BID’s objectives are to make Rhyl a better place to shop, study, stay, visit and do business.  It aims to drive the Town forward, improving experiences, standards and adding value, working in collaboration with all sectors.

We help make Rhyl a cleaner, safer and more welcoming place, raising its profile through events and marketing campaigns, bringing direct benefits to businesses and enhancing the experience of the Town to users.

We enable a co-ordinated investment in the place management and marketing of Rhyl and its businesses, delivering on a set of agreed business priorities, addressing five core themes identified and agreed during the formation of the most recent business plan.

  • Take steps to tackle the seagull related issues.
  • Advise on better timing and focus for street cleansing and maintenance.
  • Implement new schemes and innovative projects to ensure that Rhyl is well kept and clean.
  • Beach Cleansing – the BID will provide a level of cleansing and maintenance over and above that of the local councils to ensure the area looks clean, tidy and inviting all year round.
  • Improve the appearance of empty shops in the retail areas
  • Improve signage – look at areas of improvement for brown and other signage across the BID area.
  • Introduce car-parking and public transport incentives and promotions.
  • Review public transport provision and lobby transport providers for a better and more frequent bus service between Rhyl and other attractions and places.
  • Work collaboratively with the Police and other agencies to deal with anti-social behaviour hot spots and to reduce crime.
  • Promote and nurture a safer and more friendly night-time economy.
  • Centralised procurement of services to reduce business costs such as trade waste disposal, recycling, utilities, and insurance.
  • Offer incentives for existing businesses to expand and to new start-ups.
  • Develop and deliver appropriate training courses for businesses such as social media use or customer service.
  • Provide business intelligence such as footfall data, spend data investment proposals and about general trends to keep you informed and help you make decisions.
  • Communicate regularly with businesses using annual reports, newsletters, online, meetings and one to ones.
  • Promoting the Rhyl brand on a local, regional, and national level supported by a concise PR strategy.
  • Market Rhyl as a great place to live, visit and invest. The location, experiences to be had, and activities on offer will form the core message.
  • Design and produce a high-quality print, online, photographic and video material to promote the area to specific target markets.
  • Extend the season by supporting marketing and promotion of the area’s assets in the traditional out of season months.
  • Deliver area specific branding and campaigns to offer unique experiences accompanied by specific area/resort information.
  • Provide enhanced online resources and support for businesses with the opportunity to improve their own marketing and social media presence.
  • Promote a vibrant evening and night-time economy offer.