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Rhyl BID opposed the Covid-19 Scheme prior to the installation of the Lane Defenders in November 2020. 

DCC opened a channel of communication and invited Rhyl BID to a site visit, during which Rhyl BID explained the concerns of businesses, including the impact on the overall appearance of our town, the impact on daily operations, and a reduction in ease of access for customers. 

Rhyl BID attended further site visits following the installation, and worked to solicit business’ opinions and feedback, and shared these narratives with DCC throughout. 

In December 2020, Rhyl BID launched two impact surveys, one aimed at businesses, and one aimed at shoppers. Via these surveys, we were able to collate opinions of not only the affected business, but also, over 250 residents and visitors. We were also able to collect quantifiable data, which overwhelmingly demonstrated opposition to the Lane Defenders, by businesses, residents and shoppers alike. 

The results of this survey and the analysis were shared to DCC as well as representatives of the Rhyl MAG group in advance of their April 2021 meeting, and following on from this Rhyl MAG voted in favour of removal of the Lane Defenders, and this work was subsequently completed in the week of May 4, 2021. 

Rhyl BID remains grateful to everyone who provided feedback, and completed our surveys, as it is clear your voices were heard. 

Active Travel Business Perception Survey
Active Travel Shoppers Perception Survey

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