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Below are a range of frequently asked questions in reference to Rhyl Business Improvement District. If we have missed one, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is this a way for the Council to save money?2019-09-20T11:56:13+01:00

Definitely not. The BID will be an independent, private, not-for-profit company. The BID will be managed and monitored by, the levy-paying businesses. It will operate solely to deliver the projects contained within the BID Business Plan – that’s why it has been so important for us to get the business plan right! All projects and services delivered by the BID will be new, or in addition to Council services. Legally, a BID can only deliver over and above statutory services. Part of the BID’s role will be to ensure local public agencies are delivering against the baseline statements they have already provided to the BID Team. Statements cover car parking and enforcement, highway maintenance, street lighting and furniture, seasonal floral decorations, parks and recreational spaces, tourism, police, community safety, CCTV, street trading and enforcement.

Isn’t this a bad time to be asking businesses for money?2019-09-20T11:59:44+01:00

Not at all, it’s a good time to be planning ahead. We know we have a great potential with lots of recent capital expenditure and inward investment and a special leisure, cultural and heritage offer. You have told us there is a huge amount of potential to be realised, so we want that potential to be met. The BID is a vehicle by which we can make this happen. BIDs aim to drive investment to increase sales and improve your trading environment and save businesses money. Businesses know how to deliver this best, which is why BIDs have an ever-growing track record of improving trading environments and bringing more customers into an area.

How will I know if the BID is delivering the contents of this plan?2019-09-20T11:58:39+01:00

The BID will focus its resources on delivering the Action Areas outlined in this plan. The BID will communicate its activity regularly and will be able to report on a variety of different performance indicators, as outlined later in the section later in this business plan. Ultimately, the business plan is binding and any significant or substantial change on what is set out here would need to be put to a vote of the levy payers.

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