Cleansing & Maintenance

Action Area 1 – £400,000 over 5 years

Your consultation feedback said:

There is a concern with the state of the streetscape and cleanliness of the town. Issues raised ranged from problems relating to seagulls to the timing and range of street cleaning regimes currently in existence.

The BID will:

  • Take steps to tackle the seagull related issues.
  • Advise on better timing and focus for street cleansing and maintenance.
  • Implement new schemes and innovative projects to ensure that Rhyl is well kept and clean.
  • Beach Cleansing – the BID will provide a level of cleansing and maintenance over and above that of the local councils to ensure the area looks clean, tidy and inviting all year round.
  • Improve the appearance of empty shops in the retail areas.


This is felt to be such an important and essential theme for action that (alongside the Safe and Welcoming) it will be the primary focus of the BID for the first 2 years. We want to ensure that businesses, local people and visitors to Rhyl see a marked improvement in the town’s general appearance. The care of the streets is a message to all that Rhyl still has its self-worth and “pride of place.” We will replace the perception of Rhyl as “scruffy, untidy and dirty” with “smart, tidy and clean.”


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