Signing up as a Refill Station is a simple way to become part of a national and international movement to fight plastic pollution at source.

Refill’s mission is to make sure people can refill their bottle with tap water on every high street, and to do this they need your help. Local businesses and retailers can make a huge difference in the global movement to reduce plastic pollution.

Refill works by connecting people who are looking for water with thousands of local businesses, community venues, transport hubs and public fountains where they can refill for free. Anyone can download the free app to find Refill Stations near them where they can refill on the go.

Participating cafés, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses simply sign up to the app and put a sticker in their window, alerting passers-by that they’re welcome to come on in and fill up their bottle. There are now thousands of Refill Stations on the app in the UK alone – including railway stations, supermarkets, airports and high street chains such as Costa,  John Lewis and Morrisons Cafés.

Why get involved? Turn on the tap. Turn on the Refill revolution.

  • Be the change. Show your customers you, your business and your staff are committed to taking action against plastic pollution.
  • Increased footfall. People need to stay hydrated – and now they have another reason to visit your business. The Refill app and the Refill sticker in your window will attract thirsty  passers-by into your establishment.
  • Join a growing movement. By becoming a Refill Station you’ll be joining a network of thousands of businesses and organisations all working towards the same goal.
  • Great social and promotional content. We provide everything you need to celebrate your involvement through your social channels, including ready-made Refill-branded assets.
  • PR opportunities – connect with local Refill Schemes and get involved with events and PR opportunities.

Our Rangers can support Levy payers with the sign-up process and with window stickers for you to display!

For more information download the Refill Guide here