Today (14th August 2019) sees the official launch of Rhyl Town Rangers. The Rhyl Business Improvement District (Rhyl BID), set up in March 2019, has appointed a team of Rangers to meet and greet shoppers throughout the town.

The new team, Michael Jones and Landon Sweeney, will spend 40 hours a week patrolling the BID area around the town to make shoppers feel Welcome. The aim is to provide a safe and pleasant environment for residents, shoppers and visitors to the Town.

In their distinctive turquoise blue uniforms, the Rangers will work as ambassadors as part of the wider community, interacting with Rhyl’s businesses, staff and residents, as well as providing guidance and advice to the public, and working closely with the police and other security personnel, reporting any anti-social behaviour through the radio link.

Rangers Michael and Landon will have extensive knowledge of what Rhyl has to offer, built through regularly visiting businesses in the area and learning about their services. They will share this knowledge with shoppers when giving directions and local information to tourists and residents alike.

Both are Denbighshire Tourism Ambassador Scheme trained. They are First Aid trained and will be on hand to help and assist should any medical emergency arise. They will act as the eyes and ears of Rhyl Bid to identify and feedback any environmental and security concerns.

Abby Pilling, Rhyl BID Manager, said: “One of the BID’s primary objectives is to improve Rhyl’s streets. To help cultivate a Town Centre where people want to visit, stay and shop”

“Research conducted on behalf of the BID in recent months indicates that people want to feel safer in Rhyl and for it to be more welcoming. The introduction of Town Rangers is part of our strategy to improve this feeling wherever we can.”

Michael Jones, Town Ranger, said about his appointment: “We want to get to know the visitors to our town and the businesses that serve them to get their feedback about what they would like to see in their town. Please engage with us as the more we know, the better the BID will know what you want and need.”

Landon Sweeney, Town Ranger added: “We will be the eyes and ears in the town centre in order to enhance consumer’s wellbeing. Please come and have a chat!”

The BID is funded by a 2 per cent levy on the rateable value of qualifying business hereditaments in the BID’s area. This is estimated to produce over £200,000 annually during the scheme’s five years.

Rhyl Mayor, Cllr Ellie Chard said of the introduction of the Town Rangers: “Michael and Landon’s presence as Town Rangers will serve to provide an approachable, informative and reassuring presence that will enhance the experience of visiting our Town Centre and promoting the multitude of attractions available.

“I welcome the opportunity to be present at the official launch of the Rhyl Town Rangers and alongside them gaining first-hand reactions and feedback from members of the public that we will meet.

“Interaction with residents, visitors and businesses alike will be key to their success and for the Town Centre to thrive and grow and I wish them well in their roles.

Ian Nellist, Wales Chair Federation of Small Businesses, added: “It is really welcome news that Michael and Landon will be on the streets of Rhyl welcoming visitors, supporting local businesses and gathering intelligence on how we can continue to improve our town.

“In our recent research on the Future of Welsh Towns FSB called for innovative thinking and new ideas to support our towns to be sustainable and thriving in the future, and this is exactly the kind of new opportunity that we are pleased to see towns exploiting.”

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