Marketing Campaign: Together Building a Stronger Future

We are excited to have launched our #TogetherRhyl marketing campaign to support the businesses in Rhyl reopening after lockdown.

Rhyl BID has spoken to hundreds of people and businesses over the last few months whilst they have been completing their Covid-19 risk assessments, planning for their flow of customers, and outfitting their staff and premises with protective measures.  We reflect on the journey the town has been on during lockdown and praise how the community has supported each other.

The campaign has been inspired by this strong relationship between our local residents and the local businesses that serve them – a relationship built on trust. It is vital that as we get back to business, we work to nurture this relationship, and support our local businesses to survive and thrive and “together” encourage local residents and visitors back to Rhyl.

Now is the time to celebrate the amazing shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes we have here in Rhyl, and help people enjoy them in a safe and responsible way.

How do businesses get involved?

We are calling on all businesses to show their support for the campaign by displaying the Together Rhyl logo below

on their marketing platforms and to include the following hashtags:



Remember to tag is into your social media posts so that we can share and help you increase your reach:


Show your support and help us to promote the #TogetherRhyl campaign by downloading and displaying the poster below on your premises.

Thanks for your support!

Business Spotlight

This week in our weekly business spotlights we meet Jason Hart, owner of The Games Exchange at the top of the High Street in Rhyl, situated near the railway station; Games Exchange has been the go to place for buying and selling video games for a number of years.

Games Exchange opened its first shop in Flint in 1999, and expanded to open its shop in Rhyl in 2002, and has been continuing to supply quality stock for locals and visitors ever since.

Jason chose Rhyl as a prime location as at the time there weren’t any other game shops in the town.

Coming out of lockdown this year they have taken a lot of great steps to keep customers safe whilst in the shop including a queueing system outside the shop to monitor the number of people inside, a one way system around the shop highlighted with stickers, till screens and hand sanitizer available for staff and customers.

They are unique for a gaming store as they are a family run and family friendly store that provides quality personal customer service; they stock a wide range of products and have expanded beyond video games to also sell board games, phones, tablets and DVDs.

They also have a website which can be found at

You can find Games Exchange at:

131 High St, Rhyl LL18 1TR

01745 336644


As a child, growing up in the Wirral, Nic walked to and from school every day past a barber shop and she noticed that the barber always looked happy; the customers always looked happy, and decided she wanted to be like that also.

Nic started working in Rhyl 13 years ago, then took time out to start a family, but when the time was right to go back to work, she decided to start her own business, and naturally decided to do that where she had started out as a barber, here in Rhyl. Nic’s Barbers was born and she is looking forward to celebrating the 5th anniversary of the business in October 2020!

During lockdown, Nic took the time to contact the barber she had seen when she was growing up,  to let her know how she’d been inspired on her career path by her; the two became friendly, and supported each other during lockdown by sharing information and reassuring one another. This included Nic sharing info provided by the BID which she had found helpful.

Nic is committed to safety and has followed all Welsh Government, and National Hair and Beauty Federation guidance for hair salons and barbershops, this includes providing a video that people can view prior to coming in, which shows what their visit will look like, which helps to alleviate any anxieties.

Nic’s Barbers is now fully functioning after lockdown and being so service-orientated, a “family room” has been set up at the back of the barber shop so that parents can stay with little ones whilst they have their haircut.

Special Offer:

  • Back-to-school haircuts £8.50, include a sweet treat (lolly/sweet) and sticker.

You can find Nic’s Barbers at:

87 Vale Road, Rhyl, L18 2PG,

01745 607 511

Open 6 days a week (Monday through Friday 9:00-5:30, Saturday 9:00 to 3:00)


@nics barbers rhyl

@nics barbers rhyl

Many of you will know Paul Bradley from his previous shop in the Queen’s Market. However, following the closure of the market he moved over to Wellington Rd where he officially opened Brad’s Darts on March 3, 2002, just before the Covid-19 lockdown.

Paul lives in Rhyl and plays darts in the local area, so he knew that there was a gap in the market and this was his drive to open his new store. As the only darts shop in the area he offers a unique service where you can come into the shop and get a much better idea of what you are buying, including feeling the weight of the dart in your hand, and taking practice throws in the shop.

Paul can also re-point your darts if they are blunt, making your purchase a more sustainable one, rather than a repeat purchase from the internet.

Brad’s Darts is a small but perfectly formed store and all steps have been taken to keep customers safe with floor markings, hand sanitiser and till screen.

Now is the time where small independent stores need your support more than ever, especially in the case of Brad’s Darts where his business has been impacted by pub closures and resultant fewer darts tournaments / games

Let’s show Paul our support!

You can find Brad’s Darts at:

33a Wellington Rd, Rhyl, LL18 1BN

01745 607 511


There is a family history of being involved in retail businesses; their father, now aged 93, and still voicing opinions about the current shop, formerly ran a toy shop which was kept in the family with Angela’s husband joining him.

They moved to Ireland to work, and after a time, returned, and travelled the country for two years, until a relative who lived locally alerted them to a property here in Rhyl. It turned out not to be the right property, but on that same day, which was frought with poor weather, and looking to be disappointing, they found the current property, which the owners were needing to sell.  It was all about being in the right place at the right time.

From there, it was a family affair, with dad, sister and brother in-law chipping in, to now, where it is mostly just the two of them, with dad expressing his thoughts.

Seann who has helped in the family business since he was a child and continues to work hard everyday, is poised to lead the family business through the next 35 years, for the next generation.

They love the community and find it to be caring and involved – they too are involved in local charities/organisations, for example supporting the RNLI Lifeboat. Normally the 5-year celebration would include stands manned by local charities and organisations, and fundraising but this year, that has had to be put on hold. When Coronavirus came, they struggled to find hand sanitiser and were helped by local wholesalers Blas ar Fwyd, who were able to help with this. Local shoppers were actually bringing their own sanitiser and giving it to the shop so they could have it for themselves, staff, and other shoppers. A fabulous community spirit!


  • Denmores are celebrating 35 years in business this year and would like to thank their customers, old and new, for their continued support.
  • Working to be safe, affordable, with daily fresh produce, including Welsh milk at £1.29, local eggs at £1.59 for half a dozen free range eggs, Wrecsam Brewery Bootlegger which has proven popular, with requests for it from as far away as Stoke on Trent and even Scotland.
  • A shout out to John Lyons of Dragon Schoolwear who has supplied new staff t-shirts, in a range of colours, chosen by individual staff members based on their own preferences.

You can find Denmore Premier Food Store at:

97 Coast Road, Rhyl, LL18 3PW

01745 339940

Chadley took over Sacrament Tattoo Collective in 2016, ten years after his dad started the business in 2006.

The family hails from Rhyl, so the choice to open their business here was easy. Inspired by his family, Chadley wanted to keep the business going, and in 2015, Sacrament Tattoo Collective moved to its larger corner location at 29 Bodfor Street.

Reflecting on lockdown, Chadley focussed on the positive side – spending more time with his wife and son, as he does not normally take much time off from the business.

Sacrament is the longest established tattoo business in Rhyl, and Chadley has worked to promote a family friendly atmosphere in the shop, to widen the appeal for all. He notes that Sacrament’s all-day rate is the lowest in the area, but that doesn’t mean lower standards – he has put all the necessary Covid-19 measures in place to protect customers and keep everyone safer.

Rather, Chadley would like to encourage people into the business, earn repeat business, and he hopes to move beyond the pandemic, and continue to grow the business over time, right here in Rhyl. With almost 10,000 “check-ins”, the tattoo and piercing studio is well on its way.

Sacrament Tattoo collective boasts thousands of followers – check out their social media pages for brand new designs, and regularly updated images of their work.

You can find Sacrament Tattoo Collective at:

31 Bodfor Street, Rhyl LL18 1AT 

01745 369397

 Sacrament Tattoo Collective


FlowerTops, which Carol has been running successfully for ten years, was born of creativity and determination, in 2009. At that time, Carol and Colin found themselves unemployed, having both lost their jobs as a teacher and financial advisor, to the financial recession.

Carol recalls that when it came to her Mum’s birthday, she thought to create a homemade gift. The former teacher channelled her creativity, and using silk flowers and a teapot, she pulled together a gorgeous display that was well-received, and earned compliments from the neighbour. And, as Carol says, “that was the start of it”.

With a £100 loan from her father, Carol embarked on a new career, creating more displays inspired by the one she had made for her mother.

Carol continued to work from home, maintained a stall in The White Rose Centre, expanded to become a supplier of fresh flowers, and built her own website.

From there, Carol’s business began to grow – from one or two orders per week, to one or two orders per day. Carol’s business soon outgrew her spare room so she took the plunge and opened her first shop on Russell Rd and a year later moved to a much bigger premises on Wellington Rd where they were trading for nine years. Colin joined the business with Carol in 2012 which was a dream come true. Also in 2012, their hard work paid off, when they won the Rhyl Jorunal’s “Best Business” award, and became accredited by Interflora, following a rigorous assessment process – FlowerTops is still the only Interflora accredited florist from Gronant to Llandudno.

What follows is a tale of talent and dedication, as a nominee for UK Florist of the Year in 2015, as a finalist for Wedding Florist of the Year in 2019, and then, in 2020, a big win: Best Independent Florist North Wales, from the Business Excellence Awards.

Reflecting on the challenges brought by Covid-19, Carol notes that FlowerTops started in a recession. So In March, when lockdown began it too brought financial challenges as it was just prior to Mother’s Day, resulting in excess unsold stock. Carol used this as an opportunity to give back to the community, and created bouquets using the leftover stock, which she then donated to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, the Royal Alex, and local area residential homes. She likes to give back to the community to say thank you for supporting FlowerTops and she does this by running various free bouquet competitions such as Mum of the Month or Carer of the month.  She notes, “we have had opportunities to move, but decided to stay in Rhyl. We are invested in the town as the town has supported us”

Carol admits that with lockdown, she at first thought, “that’s it”, but then, the couple’s ingenuity kicked in, and with only limited deliveries of basic stock, Carol set about creating “Florist’s Choice” bouquets, and worked with Interflora to fulfill online orders.

Now open in their new location on Rhyl High St, FlowerTops is an oasis in the centre of town. Beautifully presented, with attention to health and safety, and adherence to all Covid-19 measures, Carol has worked to create a delightful shopping experience, and is offering an expanded range. Carol notes that as a florist, she is competing with supermarkets, and so she has diversified in order to stay competitive, but also to provide a “one-stop-shop” for customers. FlowerTops’ new location offers fresh flowers, silk flowers, homewares, accessories, and gifts for everyone all in one convenient location.

The autumnal window display currently brightens the High Street, but Carol is already looking ahead to Christmas, with her Christmas Club layaway service (including free gift!) in full swing.

Congratulations, FlowerTops on ten years in Rhyl, and wishing you the best of luck for the next ten, and beyond!

You can find FlowerTops at:

103-105 High St, Rhyl LL18 1TR



@FlowerTops_uk | print has been in business for 46 years – until recently known as Gwasg Helygain – first opening their doors in 1974. The business was run by Guto’s parents Eddie & Linda from the premises on Kinmel Street. The business had previously traded as Wilkinson Press, owned by Terry Wilkinson, so it has long been an established business in Rhyl.

The business is owned & run by Guto and his wife, Elin.  They opened their new premises 8 years ago, just off Kinmel and Elwy Street – not far from the original shop; a much bigger unit giving them all the space for the equipment they need to run their busy business.

During lockdown Guto was able to continue to work remotely using off-site suppliers, sub-contractors and off-site designers to process orders and keep going. He also helped post lockdown with the printing of the social distance floor decals that were provided to businesses by the Rhyl BID. 

The business is unique due to the 46 years experience, and adapting to modern technology and ways of working.

Guto offers friendly, prompt service, and his experience helps him to advise customers who are not familiar with print job requirements – every question is always answered, so it is no wonder so many businesses work with Guto as their “go-to” service provider! 

You can find | print at:

24 Elwy St, Rhyl LL18 1BP

01745 331411




Mark Speakman first opened his Funky Feet record shop in 2007 in Bedford Street, covering all types of music but specialising in soul music – I mean is there any other kind of music 🙂  Mark certainly has an impressive collection of vinyl filling his shop!  He decided to move into watches in 2018 and kept the records business as an online venture. Mark can repair watches, fit batteries and straps, and solve problems – there is nothing about the inner workings of a watch or clock that he can’t help with. 

Mark always knew his business would be based in Rhyl as he, like his family, are local to the area. This year he has expanded his business by moving into the old Aquarius shop on Market street and once again reintroduced his record business into the shop, which also boasts an impressive collection of collectable music related t shirts that music fans and collectors need to check out! He first decided to open the shop to indulge his hobby of soul music and it took off from there, the watch skills acquired along the way.

Mark takes customer safety very seriously in these difficult times; he has got a till screen for safety along with a face visor and floor separation decals. So you can feel secure that all covid precautions have been followed here.

Mark’s shop is unique because there are very few music shops in North Wales. People come from afar to check out his collection, and not many people can repair watches to the level he can. It’s a win win every time you visit Funky Feet.

So next time you need a new watch battery or strap, pay Mark a visit and you can check out the vinyl collection while waiting for your watch. You never know what classic you may stumble upon. 

You can find Funky Feet Records at:

2 Market Street, Rhyl LL18 1RL

01745 798284


WE ARE OPEN: Thanks to the amazing businesses and  people of Rhyl!